Aster360 Is Proud To Celebrate 40 Years In The Entertainment Industry (1984-2024)

FIlm Production.

The huge success of Aster360 Events and Weddings have given us the motivation to get into the film production services. Here too, without exception we have excelled.

Line production is one of the very determining aspects of film making. It is a specialized field and we have earned accolades for our services in Line production. The major Line production services provided by us are:

Outdoor catering on set 

We engage a superb team of certified chefs with years of experience. Therefore, you can be sure that our food meets the high Film Cuisine standards and every time you work with us you’ll be received with an amiable, spirited smile and a zeal to feed you some of the best and most palatable dishes.

We provide innovative and healthy menus with only the best and freshest ingredients which are customized according to your needs and wishes. Breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner anything and everything is managed by us. We have the resources to provide catering for long as well as short shoots. We travel with the film crew and ensure that all are well fed and satisfied.

Also, the kitchens, vehicles with refrigerated support and state of the art production trucks are perfect for providing 24-hour high quality, mobile service in any location.

Location hunting

Location is crucial to any film production. We at Aster360 have been providing excellent services in securing and procuring scenic and any sort of desired locations for future film sets in the UK. Our team love to work with you as a team, discuss and get an idea about what you really want and then we go about hunting the best locations that would meet all your specifications to the letter. We assist in discovering luxurious and specialized locations, hard to find spaces, countryside and then secure the chosen location legally through permits, insurance and more.

We are efficient and friendly and try to identify the best that we can find within any budget and we adjust ourselves totally to your requirements. Surpassing your expectation and settling for nothing but the best is our ultimate aim.

Film premieres

Our dedication and efficiency have helped us create unmatched, well managed media relations which go a long way in hosting fabulous star-studded film premieres which remain the talk of the town. Right from getting your preferred location, to decorating and inviting guests, to handling and bringing in the press and media, to arranging photo ops, we immerse ourselves completely in your vision so that your premiere gets greatest attention and impressive coverage.

Product Placement

Product Placement, is another huge avenue that Aster360 are involved in, when it comes to Bollywood Movies. So, if you would like to Show Case your Product in a Bollywood Movie, then look no further. Our Team can give you the various ideas, costings etc, as to how best we can Place your company Product or name in our forthcoming Productions.