Aster360 Is Proud To Celebrate 40 Years In The Entertainment Industry(1984-2024)

Hospitality & Staffing.

“Let us care for you while you care for your guests.”

Aster360 Hospitality and
Recruitment service is the perfect blend of experience and enthusiasm. We are
now the most experienced within the industry. We supply professional and
amiable staff for High End Hotels and hospitality management. We have created a
singular trend by our service of providing high calibre, dedicated and reliable
staff for events and weddings.

Aster360 Staffing is the dynamic
world of hospitality, where guest satisfaction is paramount. The role of
hospitality staff is indispensable. These dedicated individuals form the
backbone of the industry, create memorable experiences for guests through their
unwavering commitment to service.

Aster360 recognizes the vital
contribution of hospitality staff. Therefore, it is imperative to provide them
with the necessary support and empowerment to excel in their roles. Hence, we
understand the importance of investing in hospitality staff and suggest
strategies to enhance their well-being, skill development, and overall job
satisfaction. At Aster360 we pride ourselves in the skills and knowledge of our
hospitality staff, who are provided with regular training to enhance staff
competency but also boosts their confidence, leading to improved guest
interactions and overall service quality in this industry. In conclusion, the
success of the Hilton Group of hotels, Marriott group of hotels as well as
Boutique hotels such as Biltmore LXR in central London, Twickenham Rugby
Stadium, and high-end bars and restaurants, hinges on the dedication and
service excellence of the staff that Aster360 provides to such establishments.

Before, during and after
weddings or any event, our staff will come to the location mentioned and take
over with the greatest efficiency so that you remain free to interact with your
loved ones and your guests on some of the most important days of your lives.
Our aim is to go beyond your expectations and develop a lasting relationship.
Our passion to be the best at what we do is reflected amply in our staff who
have an eye for detail, are friendly and competent and have a never say “no” attitude.

Our motto is:

“Let us care for you while you care for your

The staff provided by us are
exemplary, professional, experienced, and amiable who will only give you
nothing but their very best.

We have a large database of
Hotel/Restaurant Staff (Managers, Waiters, Cleaners, Bartenders, Room
Attendants, warehouse staff, and shelf fillers etc.)  Our staff are
properly trained and check off many of the requirements that employers are
looking for. 

Our staff are all thoroughly
checked for professionalism and security, and we can assure you, you will be
pleased with the employees we supply.  We can offer exceptional candidates
that match your needs on our system. We are a recruitment agency who believes
in fairness, honesty and making the process of recruiting much more efficient
and easier.

We are also a transparent
company, and we are sure once you use our services, we will have a long-term
relationship with one another. Whereby you can trust us with supplying you with
outstanding staff registered with us without having to dealing with all the
hassle of DBS checks and references etc, which is done by us on your behalf.